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Fluxus Digital Platform

A state-of-the-art AI-enabled digital platform for stakeholders across the value chain to assess and deploy projects using our proprietary technology.

Fluxus Digital Platform serves stakeholders across the value chain including Real Estate Developers, Home Builders, Financiers, Investors, Asset Managers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Contractors, Consultants, Architects & Engineers, Governments.

Functionalities include: Parametric Design, Viability Modeling, Financial Modeling, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing & Component Assembling, Smart Home Interface, and ESG Reporting.

In Fluxus Generative, algorithms are developed to automate the assembly of a minimum number of prefabricated multi-functional components to form varying massings and layouts which directly respond to define physical and environmental conditions. The small number of components and simple constructs are well suited for large scale industrialized manufacturing processes. This serves to reduce capital investment requirements, facilitate automation and drive in quality and reliability.

The tool adapts typical footprints, using GIS-data, to optimize volumes to achieve the highest yield of units and drive value. Customizable floor plans are spacious and aesthetic with liberal use of natural lighting. Passive design principles are incorporated with IoT solutions to reduce energy consumption. The generative algorithms automates the workflow, links to budgeting and scheduling forecast, and supports a more collaborative approach for global partnerships across the project delivery value chain.