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2023.01Fluxus Joins NVIDIA Inception to revolutionize real-estate technology with advancements in AI and data science
2023.01The World Economic Forum with the Council on the Connected World launched State of the Connected World 2023 Edition
2022.10Fluxus at the World Economic Forum’s Urban Transformation Summit 2022 in Detroit, highlighting the Future of Real Estate: Attainable Housing
2022.09World Economic Forum Report: ESG Pulse Check
2022.05Fluxus at the Inaugural Bloomberg New Economy Gateway LatAm in Panama
2022.04Fluxus with Members of American Sustainable Business Network Support SEC Climate Disclosure: Protect Investors and The Planet
2022.02Fluxus endorses Global Statement on Consumer IoT Security launched through the World Economic Forum
2022.01Fluxus Joins American Sustainable Business Network Focusing on ESG Policy Work
2021.12Driving Digitalization: Value Creation for Commercial Real Estate by the World Economic Forum
2021.12World Economic Forum Global Agenda: 3 ways to get consumers to trust internet-connected devices
2021.11Fluxus at 2021 Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore
2021.06World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence Immersive Experiences spotlights FluxHouse™ for the Future of Smart Home
2021.05World Economic Forum White Paper “Infrastructure 4.0: Achieving Better Outcomes with Technology and Systems Thinking”
2021.05“Bringing coliving to the world: major organizations sharing their innovative housing agendas” at Co-Liv Summit 2021
2021.04World Economic Forum launched “Framework for the Future of Real Estate”
2021.03Fluxus on Coliving Insights: Designing a New Way of Living – How coliving can harness purposeful design, development and technology to advance social impact and sustainability
2021.023F: FluxHouse, Artificial Intelligence to Automate the Construction of Social Housing
2021.02The Davos Agenda 2021: ESG, Cities and Digital Transformation
2020.12Connected Homes for Everyone
2020.11Fluxus advocating for ‘Universal Basic Housing’ at the World Economic Forum’s inaugural Pioneers of Change Summit
2020.10Post-Covid Impact Investment Mindset Shift: From Crisis Relief to Resilience Building
2020.09Fluxus at Sustainable Development Impact Summit: Less waste, faster and kinder to the planet – ‘prefab’ homes are the future.
2020.09Fluxus Joins Infrastructure 4.0 Initiative by the World Economic Forum
2020.08World Economic Forum Agenda: Here’s how smart construction could transform home-building after COVID-19
2020.08World Economic Forum 5G Outlook Series Addressing Social Impact
2020.07World Economic Forum July 2020 Papers | Digital Transformation, Business of Data, Redesigning Data Privacy
2020.05FluxHouse™ Generative, an AI-enabled Digital Toolkit for Affordable Housing Development
2020.04Fluxus CEO Fanyu Lin to serve on World Economic Forum’s Global Internet of Things Council
2020.01Fluxus and Arcadis to Present “Harnessing Prefabrication to Tackle the Affordable Housing Challenge: A Global Partnership Approach” at Advancing Prefabrication 2020 Conference in Dallas
2020.01 DAVOS 2020 Agenda “Closing the housing gap: how industry can help”
2020.01 World Economic Forum White Paper | The Impact of 5G: Creating New Value across Industries and Society
2019.12 Transformation of Industries and Societies through 5G
2019.11 In Our World of Internet-of-Things: Data Privacy Beyond the Screen | Data Sharing to Combat Climate Crisis
2019.11 The Year Ahead: Going Beyond Corporate Social Responsibilities- Considering potential means for global corporate leaders to address affordable housing crisis in the new economy
2019.08 Dialogue at 2019 Summer Davos: 4G changed your life. 5G will change society
2019.06 Fluxus LLC joins World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution focusing on 5G-Next Generation Networks Programme
2019.05 5G for Sustainable and Affordable Smart Home Delivery
2019.04 XPRIZE report: The Future of Housing ImpactMap
2019.03 Fluxus LLC represented by Webb Law Firm for Intellectual Property Development and Babst Calland for Construction Legal Services
2019.03 Revisiting Cooperative Business Model for Community Development – University of Massachusetts Boston
2018.11 Fluxus LLC Presented Housing Solutions at the Inaugural Bloomberg New Economy Forum on November 6-7, 2018 in Singapore
2018.10 Delivering Quality Affordable Housing is not just a Social Cause. It’s a Good Investment
2018.10 Solar Impulse Foundation Article “Energy Efficiency For All” by Fluxus LLC
2018.10 Fluxus LLC Executives Fanyu Lin and Michael Gallagher to Present “FluxHouse: An attractive investment opportunity to deliver energy efficient new construction solutions for the low-income housing market” at Horizon18 Global Solutions Platform for the Clean Economy
2018.10 Fluxus LLC Presenting at UN-Habitat’s Urban October Series “Healthy Cities: Urban Problems and Solutions”
2018.06 “Urban Housing & Fluxus” Lecture at Urban Psychology Forum “Healthy cities: How Special is New York?” at Fordham University
2018.05 Marc Elliott Joins Fluxus LLC as General Counsel to Lead Legal and Business Development
2018.04 Fluxus LLC joins World Alliance for Efficient Solutions launched by Solar Impulse Foundation
2018.03 Fluxus LLC is Proud to be the Ambassador of New York Build Expo 2018 at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
2018.02 The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Considers Regulatory Reform For Manufactured Housing
2017.11 FLUXUS LLC Participates in XPRIZE Workshop for The Future of Housing
2017.10 Michael Gallagher, Innovation Leader and Retired Executive from Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) Joins Fluxus LLC Advisory Board to Lead Technology & Business Innovation
2017.10 “Forum on Investment in US Infrastructure and Development of an Inclusive Community for All” at Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center in Columbia University
2017.08UHY Global Report: Fluxus LLC is Pushing the Boundaries of Smart Home
2017.08Fluxus LLC CEO Awarded Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) Social Entrepreneur
2016.08Fluxus LLC Kicks Off a Collective Initiative to Tackle Global Housing Challenge In the Age of Climate Change
2016.05Fluxus LLC Presenting at Alliance Bernstein L.P.
2016.04Fluxus LLC attending XPRIZE Visioneering for Refugee Housing Innovation
2016.04Fluxus System at Impact Design Hub by Autodesk Foundation